When to go 

If you visit cook islands there really isn’t any bad time to go but  the best time to go if you aren’t going to do much diving is probably April, may, September and October just because it has more sun and less rain and it is a bit warmer at that time too. But for diving it’s best to go in the dry season which is anytime from April to October.

these are some of the best dive sites in all of cook islands

Aavavora passage

Because of the strong currents at Aavavora passage it is always a very exciting dive and also because of the currents it’s a great place to see white tip reef sharks. From April to the end of august divers might even find a big number of gray reef sharks and schools of eagle rays throughout the year. Well you’re diving there you will regularly find turtles and mora rays. 

After a bit you will go across a sand chute then drop off into an abyss.

Maritime Reefer

The maritime reefer used to be a fishing vessel but was sunk in 1981. When diving at Maritime reefer you will find the regular animals but also much more like giant moray, lionfish and much more. The maritime reefer is about 26m deep. This dive site is most suited for advanced divers.


The Alberto’s depth is about 6-12m. Alberto’s is filled with coral bommies and lots of reef fish. One of the good things about Alberto’s is that it’s nice and shallow so it’s good for all levels of divers and that this dive site is not far away from avarua harbour. When you’re diving there you’ll find lots of lionfish and moray eels.

Avana passage

When you’re diving in avana passage you have two options: you can either dive out of the passage or right into the lagoon. When you are diving in the passage make sure to be on the lookout for lionfish and eels, there are lots there. Avana Passage is also a great beach for surfing if you don’t want to dive. 

The mataora wreck

At the mataora wreck you will be diving from about 12-20m. The mataora wreck once was tongan cargo vessel sunk in 1990 and is now a fake but great dive site, the vessel is spread out in medium size pieces around the ocean floor and is a great place to see eels because it has so many pieces scattered around the floor.


Halfterfisch (Zanclus cornutus), (Ari Atoll, Malediven, Indischer Ozean) - Moorish idol (Ari Atoll, Maldives, Indian Ocean)