Scuba Diving In Cook Islands

cook islands is a great place to go all year long no matter if its just a holiday vacation or a winter getaway but in this website we will be focusing on diving trips mostly, if you have a dive shop in cook islands that you want to advertise you can do that to on the rent this site page. One of the many fun things to do when you’re visiting cook islands is the Arorangi. It is one of the best places you go in cook islands because it is a small village built a long time ago. Arorangi is the oldest missionary village in rarotonga. Cook islands is also a great place for diving. Cook islands is a great place to go diving because of the crystal clear waters and  the popularity of animals there.

Common dolphins rounding up sardines into a bait ball so they can feed on them. Image was taken during the annual sardine run off the east coast of South Africa.